10 Days of Prayer 19-28 September 2020


Join us as we pray together for our town and our world



10 Minutes of Prayer 7:45am every weekday during the 10 days - Zoom (contact us for details)

Continuing our rhythm of praying every weekday morning.

Global Virtual Prayer Room 8-9am Saturday 19 to Monday 28 September - Zoom or Live Stream

As we did at Pentecost, we are joining with many other cities around the world in a virtual global 24-hr prayer room throughout the 10 days of awe this autumn. The spring 'Zoom Prayer Room' proved very powerful, and enabled us to connect with fellow believers in all the continents of the globe.  We are hosting 8-9am BST every morning. Register here or contact us for details.


10 Minutes at Lunchtime 12:20-12:30pm weekdays - Zoom (contact us for details)

Reading at Work are partnering with us by leading 10 minutes of prayer at 12:20pm every weekday lunchtime during the 10 days.

Town Centre Prayer Room 12-2pm every day.

We will have a prayer room open in Abbey Baptist Church 12-2pm every day. This will be in the main sanctuary and will comply with current social distancing guidelines.

'Music for Healing' 1pm-2pm every day

Live worship and music outside Reading Minster during the 10 Days. See separate page.


Prayer walk - Sundays 20th and 27th September, 3 to 4pm, starting at Abbey Gate 

Be part of a facilitated prayer walk around the town centre. 


10 Minutes in the Evening 9:45pm Saturday 19 to Monday 28 September - Zoom (contact us for details)

Since Pentecost we have been discovering together the power of a daily rhythm of 10 minutes of prayer. Join with us at 9:45pm each evening to commit our town and families to our heavenly Father.


Reading at Work are hosting a webinar "Why pray for your workplace?" Monday 21st September 7:30

At any time...


Prayer Walking

Why not prayer walk around your neighbourhood or workplace or in the town centre; maybe use your lunchtime, or pray as you walk your dog? Let's cover our town in prayer! 

10 Minutes of Prayer

Join in by taking 10 minutes to pray together in your small group or organisation during the 10 days.

Consecration Challenge

Take up the global 10 Days 'Consecration Challenge' and be part of a time of seeking God from 19-28 September by doing any or all of four things:

  • 10 Days of fasting food at some level

  • Taking time off from work to focus on seeking God

  • #10daysoff from Social Media and Entertainment

  • 10 Days devoted to prayer, worship, and repentance with families and other believers​​​

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